Highly recommend Quanta Magazine which is free and MIT Technology Review which isn't for news on cutting edge tech.

Quanta had a series of articles about a year ago on Quantum Computing that are worth reading - Here.

My approach to this sort of thing is to keep an eye on it and check in every now and again.  

I have used this approach with deep learning over the past 7-5 years and it has gone from being an academic area of research to almost the other end of the spectrum, where you can't be a tech startup if you don't mention that you use AI.  

To date we have had no real use for DL/AI in any of the areas of insurance we look at other than using pre-built NLP tools such as Stanford's CoreNLP.  No doubt that will change.

There have been lots of examples of the the last few decades where seemingly small changes and breakthroughs have had a disproportionate effect on industry and business.  The Fast Fourier Transform algorithm, rediscovered by Tukey in the 60's, is practically unknown outside of CS circles, but by reducing the complexity of a large variety of basic computer operations from N * N steps to N * LogN  steps it enabled the sorts of advances and devices that we all take for granted now.